Volunteer Opportunities at The Sanctuary at St. Cloud in St Cloud, Minnesota

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Volunteer Opportunities with The Sanctuary at St. Cloud

The Sanctuary at St. Cloud offers a variety of volunteer opportunities including those based around events, activities, and regular programs. You can volunteer for opportunities that match your areas of interest and your schedule. 

Some regular volunteer opportunities include: 

  • Worship Escorts
  • Art/Craft Projects
  • Small Group Games
  • Music Programs
  • Technology
  • Monthly Birthday Party

Share Your Talents

We are always looking for people to come and share things they love with our residents - whether that be playing piano, reading, crafting, pet visits, or something completely different! If you have a talent or hobby you would like to share, please use the contact form below and indicate your idea in the comment field. Our residents have a wide range of interests, and we will find a place for you.




Residents gardening at The Sanctuary at St. Cloud in St Cloud, Minnesota

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